Commercial Cleaning Can Add Value To Your Toronto Business!

Give your keys to the cleaning professionals and let them work their magic.

Jani-King of Southern Ontario

November 14, 2023


Give your keys to the cleaning professionals and let them work their magic.

Hiring a commercial cleaner for your business is a crucial investment that goes way beyond the superficial shine of your workplace. It encompasses a wide range of benefits that directly impact your business's success and the well-being of your employees and customers.

“Now, more than ever, cleanliness is essential to the workplace. Not just for the cleanliness, but for productivity,” explains Evan Chu, the Regional Director of Jani-King of Southern Ontario. “As employees get sick, productivity drops. And contracting out your commercial cleaning services allows company staff to focus on their own tasks instead of dealing with the cleaning.”

Jani-King is the world’s largest commercial cleaning franchise company and boasts a formidable reputation for delivering a reliable, superior clean. In a big city like Toronto, where life is expensive, however, it takes some finesse to encourage companies to continue investing in the critical services of a commercial cleaner.

“Inflation has hit the economy very hard, so our customers are budget-sensitive,” says Chu. “It’s a competitive market - not just from direct competition but from smaller Mom-and-Pop companies that have popped up. It’s a unique environment that proposes a unique challenge.”

Jani-King understands that the key to keeping Southern Ontario businesses engaged in their commercial cleaning practices is to add as much value for the customer as possible.

“We’re very flexible; every facility is different, every scope of work is different,” explains Chu. “So we can work with the client on the desired frequency of a service or a cleaning task. That’s where we can find some efficiencies or cost savings for the customer.”

With their specialty training programs, efficient equipment, and eco-friendly certified cleaning products, the pristine janitorial and sanitation results from Jani-King can be found in medical buildings, offices, schools, factories, recreational facilities, hotels, and more. With over 50 years of experience, Chu knows that the Jani-King teams are ready for any industry, no matter how complex.

“Food manufacturing is very challenging, and a lot of people don’t see the behind-the-scenes,“ he says. “The amount of audits they undergo is eye-opening because of safety. The amount of PPE required prior to even entering the facility is eye-opening as well.”

The Jani-King cleaning teams are required to wear the correct clothing, coats, boots, masks, and hair nets at all times in these areas.

“It’s a very rigorous clean, very thorough,” smiled Chu. “There is a lot of Quality Assurance and Quality Control being done, so we have a checklist, and we are held to that checklist because we are talking about food, health, and safety, which are all very important to us.”

Chu chuckles at some of the cleaning situations that pop up for his Jani-King teams, especially during a long Toronto winter with ice storms that kick out the power. At many businesses - like restaurants - the cleaning simply has to go on and cannot wait until the next day.

“You actually have to make the best out of a horrible situation. In that situation, with the power out, our commercial cleaners are trying to clean with just their cell phone lights,” he said. “They try their best because they understand that customers are coming in the next day.”

Chu said Jani-King is proud of its reputation for supreme green cleaning techniques that use only environmentally friendly cleaning products along with equipment that uses less water and power.

“The amount of chemicals we all pour down the drain is unfathomable, so it’s ever so more important to use eco-green, friendly chemicals,” he insists. “We’re a global company, a franchise company, so we have a brand standard. We are very selective about the partners we onboard because sustainability is very important to Jani King.”

What’s more, the benefits of hiring a world-renowned commercial cleaning company like Jani-King include the expertise, technical knowledge, and perfected work processes.

“People think cleaning is just cleaning, but it’s not,” explained Chu. “In commercial cleaning, there are technologies involved, like chemicals. More is not better. With equipment, technology has advanced - we can clean more square footage in less time now. Quite simply, everyone can clean their house, but not everyone can clean a building.”

Catering to customers all the way from Barrie through the Toronto area to Windsor, Jani-King of Southern Ontario takes pride in its committed franchise owners who understand the importance of commercial cleaning and are dedicated to providing top-notch quality and service to customers.

“I always tell every prospective franchise owner: there is money in toilets,” smiles Chu. “Any time there is a toilet in a building, it will need to be cleaned, and that’s where the money is at.”

It’s clear. Save valuable time and resources, boost staff productivity and morale, and create the pristine, healthy brilliance you’ve been craving at your company. Take the first step and reach out today to the experts at Jani-King of Southern Ontario for a free commercial cleaning quote!

Jani-King of Southern Ontario is locally owned and operated and has served Toronto, Windsor, and surrounding areas for more than 25 years. Contact them today if you are looking for a cleaning program, floor and carpet care package, or any other cleaning service.