Essential Disinfection: Keeping Your Medical Office in Toronto Safe

A medical office protects the vulnerable, so requires the ultimate in healthy shine.

Jani-King of Southern Ontario

May 28, 2024


A medical office protects the vulnerable, so requires the ultimate in healthy shine.

Strict disinfection practices in medical offices are critical to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and to ensure patient and employee safety. Your staff can assist with basic cleaning maintenance during the day but the expert commercial janitorial teams with Jani-King of Southern Ontario apply a systematic approach to disinfection to help reduce the risk of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). Here are some of the ways that Jani-King will work with you to ensure the most effective disinfection services in your medical office.

You Can Trust A Comprehensive Cleaning Plan

Jani-King will create a detailed list of healthcare facility cleaning services to cover all of your needs. You’ll discuss the areas to be cleaned and disinfected—patient rooms, waiting rooms, restrooms, and common areas—as well as the frequency of the cleaning. For example, high-touch surfaces should be disinfected multiple times a day, while less frequently touched areas can be cleaned daily or weekly.

Understanding Those High-Touch Areas

High-touch surfaces require more frequent disinfection services. Patient care spaces like examination tables, medical equipment, bed rails and doorknobs are just a few examples that see high traffic. Waiting room chairs, reception counters and elevator buttons also need a thorough and regular cleaning service, as do restrooms with their faucet handles, toilet flush handles and door handles And let’s not forget the telephones, keyboards, and light switches in the office area that can collect germs and bacteria quickly. 

Medical Equipment Cleaning Services

Medical equipment that comes into direct contact with patients requires special attention. Jani-King understands how to manage these equipment, that often involves specific procedures and disinfectants. In addition, With Jani-King’s specialized floor cleaning packages for those areas, you can trust your space to be safe and welcoming.

Showcasing Effective Disinfectants

Choosing the right disinfectant is essential for infection control in the office. Your Jani-King team adheres to cleaning protocols that exceed the toughest standards and regulations in healthcare cleaning. The expertly trained cleaners know what products to use on what surfaces and for how long. What’s more, all of Jani-King’s cleaning products are eco-logo certified and contain fewer toxins for everyone's better health while still achieving a superior, hygienic clean.  

Guaranteed Training and Compliance

Regular training and compliance monitoring ensure the effectiveness of disinfection services. You can trust that Jani-King’s training program aligns with all guidelines from Accreditation Canada, Infection Prevention and Control Canada (IPAC) and the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC).

These are just a few of the ways you can rely on Jani-King of Southern Ontario to help maintain a clean and safe environment in your medical office. Their elite services will reduce the risk of infection transmission and promote overall health and safety in your place of business. Providing superior cleaning results to medical offices from Windsor through Toronto to Windsor, let Jani-King of Southern Ontario take control of your disinfection practices for a happier, healthier space.  Reach out for your free commercial quote today!

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