Jani-King Checks All The Boxes For Your Commercial Cleaning Needs

You know your cleaning needs. Let Jani-King take care of them for you.

Jani-King of Southern Ontario

January 09, 2024


You know your cleaning needs. Let Jani-King take care of them for you.

Choosing the best commercial cleaning company for your business or facility is a careful decision that significantly impacts the cleanliness, hygiene, and overall well-being of your workplace environment. Whether you're running an office, a manufacturing facility, a healthcare institution, a hotel, or any other commercial space, selecting the right cleaning service is essential. With a passion for people and their global reputation for getting the job done right every time, you can trust Jani-King of Southern Ontario to cover everything on your commercial cleaning checklist and produce pristine results.

Positive customer reviews 

We know you’ll want to do some research, so when you’re sourcing a professional cleaning service, seek someone with a solid reputation and experience in commercial cleaning. It’s important to check online reviews and ask for recommendations from other businesses in your industry. Jani-King has an international network of over 7,500 franchisees that continuously exceed industry standards, no matter how big or small the commercial cleaning project. Your business goals are important, and Jani-King’s dedication to excellence is here to support them. 

Ability to cater to all your commercial cleaning needs 

The best commercial cleaning service for you will be able to handle all your cleaning requirements. This may include general care, carpet cleaning, window washing, floor maintenance, and specialized cleaning services like industrial facility cleaning. With their extensive service offerings, Jani-King will work with you on every detail of your cleaning needs. Their best practices and cleaning materials, along with their eco-friendly products and equipment, ensure you and your company receive the greatest value for your money, as well as a fierce commitment to sustainability.

Experienced and trained cleaning professionals

You want a commercial cleaning company that showcases its expertise and training. The expert cleaning staff at Jani-King follows a proven training program that provides consistency and excellence, and every region can lean on a dedicated Operations Advisor for help and support. Jani-King is proud to say that their commercial cleaning teams are among the very few out there who are trained and experienced in both the Hospitality and Food Production industries. This is critical for your peace of mind, knowing that adhering strictly to safety and environmental standards is a top priority for Jani-King.


Finally, it’s important to talk about money. Today, every business budget is different, so your Jani-King teams will work with you on a daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning schedule that fits your needs and financial plan, whether it be during the day or at night. Your trust is paramount, and Jani-King will work hard to deserve it.

With more than 1,000 happy customers from Barrie to Windsor, Jani-King of Southern Ontario is proud of its specialized disinfection and janitorial services, as well as concentrated floor and carpet cleaning packages. Their experienced and friendly teams are excited to connect with you to talk about your critical commercial cleaning requirements, so if you feel that you and your workplace deserve only the very best, reach out for your free quote today!  

Jani-King of Southern Ontario is locally owned and operated and has served Toronto, Windsor, and surrounding areas for more than 25 years.Contact them today if you are looking for a cleaning program, floor and carpet care package, or any other cleaning service.