Top Daycare Cleaning Services in Toronto: Choosing the Best for Children

Spotless and germ-free spaces are the Jani-King guarantee!

Jani-King of Southern Ontario

June 13, 2024


Spotless and germ-free spaces are the Jani-King guarantee!

One of parents’ main concerns is making sure their child is safe and healthy, especially when they’re busy juggling a million different tasks and their child is outside of their immediate care. Daycares are crucial in helping little ones learn, play and socialize; this is why maintaining a hygienic and clean environment is important for children and parents alike and where professional cleaning services can be of huge help. Parents consider several factors when choosing the right daycare for their child, and cleanliness is one of the prime factors. That’s why Jani-King of Southern Ontario is here to help you know what to look for in janitorial services for your daycare facility in Toronto.

Why Daycare Cleaning Services Matter

Daycare centres are high-traffic areas, with numerous children interacting with each other and their surroundings every day. As such, this constant engagement and activity can easily lead to the build-up of dirt, germs, and grime, which can affect children's health if left unchecked, especially since their immunity is still developing. 

Secondly, many childcare educators are tasked with both educating and cleaning or decluttering areas. However, cleaning is not their primary responsibility and may make them feel stretched in their capacity to care for and teach children. A regular and thorough cleaning program is a must to prevent young ones from falling sick and maintain a healthy environment. With our team of experts at Jani-King, you will have peace of mind knowing that your daycare facility is in the best hands.

What to Look For in a Daycare Cleaning Service in Toronto

1. Experience in Commercial Cleaning

Experience is the holy grail when providing any service, including commercial cleaning. You should look for a company with a proven track record in commercial cleaning. Jani-king of Southern Ontario has years of expertise in professional cleaning, and we provide customizable cleaning programs to suit all our clients’ varying needs. See what our happy clients have to say! Our knowledge and experience equip us to tackle any challenge that may arise in keeping environments clean and safe.

2. Comprehensive Cleaning Program

A reliable daycare cleaning service should offer a comprehensive cleaning program. This means not just surface cleaning but a deep, thorough cleaning that addresses all areas of the facility. From sanitizing toys and play areas to shared workspaces and ensuring washrooms are spotless, Jani-King’s disinfection services and cleaning program covers every aspect of daycare facility cleaning services. Have carpeted or tiled floors that get sticky or gritty? Our floor and carpet cleaning services will be an added benefit! Our attention to detail will ensure that every nook and cranny is free from pesky germs and dirt.

3. Use of Safe and Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

Since children are still growing, they are more sensitive to chemicals, so it is vital that cleaning products used to keep daycares clean, are safe while still being effective. At Jani-King, we prioritize using non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning products to ensure that children are healthy. Our products are tough on germs but gentle on the environment and your little ones, who spend a good fraction of their day in these spaces.

4. Trained and Professional Staff

While the right products and tailored cleaning programs are important, the truth is that the quality of cleaning services is only as good as the staff providing the service. You must ensure that the company you choose employs professional, trained cleaning staff who understand the nuances of daycare cleaning. We are proud to have a team of skilled professionals at Jani-King who are dedicated to upholding the highest standard of cleaning. Our staff are trained when they join our team and receive regular training on the job to stay updated with the latest cleaning techniques and safety protocols.

5. Flexible and Reliable Cleaning Services

Like many other businesses, daycares have specific schedules and routines, so flexibility and reliability in cleaning services are key. We offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate the unique needs of each daycare. Whether you require daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning services for your daycare facility in Toronto, we can customize your program to best suit your needs. Our goal is to always provide maximum support and ensure minimal disruption to your daycare’s operations.

Now that you know what to look for in professional daycare cleaning services, here are some additional tips to strengthen your decision:

  • Research and compare your options: While Jani-King stands out, it’s always good to do your due diligence, gather information on several companies, and compare their services, prices, and customer reviews.
  • Request cleaning quotes and proposals: Don’t shy away from requesting cleaning quotes from prospects. At Jani-King, we offer detailed quotes and cleaning plans customized to your daycare’s needs.
  • Visit the company: If you have a bit of spare time, visiting our office is a great way to get a sense of our professionalism and operational standards. We’d love to meet with potential clients and build strong relationships!
  • Trial session: You can also consider starting with a trial session to gauge the quality of cleaning services before committing to the long haul.

When it comes to selecting a daycare cleaning company in Toronto, you need a reliable partner who understands the importance of a clean and healthy space for young minds and busy parents. Jani-King of Southern Ontario is a solid contender, offering comprehensive commercial cleaning services that align with the needs of daycare facilities. By choosing a professional and experienced team like Jani-King, you are choosing excellence in terms of the development and well-being of children and educators.

Jani-King of Southern Ontario has been serving Toronto’s commercial cleaning needs for decades. We are committed to keeping your daycare centre exceptionally healthy while the little ones entrusted to your care, grow. Want to keep your daycare looking pristine? Contact us, and let’s get talking!