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We are where you need us to be! Our services cover the entire Southern Ontario region, overcoming the toughest commercial cleaning challenges. Give us a call, drop us a mail or simply message us on social media with your questions, and our team of cleaning specialists will clarify all your doubts. Just want to see the numbers? Simply request a free quote from us!

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Jani-King of Southern Ontario is ready to partner with you for any and all of your commercial cleaning needs. Our dedicated team of professionals has the skills and experience unmatched by anyone in the industry.

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Southern Ontario Commercial Cleaning Services

How A Commercial Cleaning Company Can Help Your Ontario Business

No cleaning challenge is too simple - or too complex - for the commercial cleaning professionals.

Southern Ontario Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning in Toronto: In-House Cleaning Vs Hiring a Cleaning Company

The math is friendly. Commercial Cleaning Companies Save You Money.