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Hospitality businesses depend on client satisfaction for growth. Jani-King of Southern Ontario has years of expertise in keeping guests happy, with stunningly clean spaces. Our hospitality cleaning program can be customized to meet the needs of your property. We offer comprehensive full-service housekeeping programs that own the cleanliness of your business, including front-of-house and back-of-house cleaning, deep cleaning, laundry services, supplemental staffing and everything in between. 

Already have a housekeeping team in place but need some extra help? We are right here for you! Our on-demand cleaning services can assist you with carpet and upholstery cleaning, comprehensive deep cleaning and disinfection, floor cleaning and more, with the promise of sustainable practices and environmentally friendly choices that your guests will appreciate. Jani-King understands the value of cleanliness for a hospitality business, and we are committed to delivering this!

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floor cleaning


  • Specialized floor cleaning programs to suit different floor types.
  • Scheduled and on-demand floor cleaning programs as required.
  • Stain removal, Scrubbing, Floor stripping, resealing and waxing.
reception cleaning


  • Detailed surface cleaning including furniture, upholstery and all surfaces.
  • Regular floor cleaning to free the reception area of stains, dirt and debris.
  • Glass and window cleaning to avoid visible contamination such as spots.
high traffic cleaning


  • Daily sanitization of frequent touch points such as doorknobs and railings.
  • Regular cleaning and vacuuming of floors and carpets in high traffic areas.
  • Use of eco-logo certified cleaning products for the safety of your people.
high touch cleaning


  • A comprehensive cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting process.
  • A strategic roster of high-touch disinfection throughout the day.
  • A cleaning system that meets CDC high-touch recommendations.
window cleaning


  • Regular cleaning to avoid mineral staining and etches on window surface.
  • IRATA, SPRAT and Ariel Boom Lift Certified to reach high-rise windows.
  • A dependable window cleaning service using professional grade tools.
carpet cleaning


  • Detail vacuuming, spot cleaning, bonnet cleaning and extraction.
  • A healthy environment with regularly scheduled cleaning programs.
  • Use of the latest technology including moisture reducing equipment.

Happy Customers — Hotels & Resorts

Hospitality businesses depend on cleanliness to drive results. Jani-King of Southern Ontario comes with decades of expertise in delivering on the promise of clean properties for our hospitality clients in the Greater Toronto Area. Our result focused processes and specialized cleaning team work in tandem with you to ensure that your guest is treated to an exceptional experience. Our services are highly customized, and we help you drive value by meeting your needs, your way.

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