Business Cleaning Essentials: Strategies For A Happy & Healthy Workplace

Employee efforts play a vital role in creating a cleaner office environment.

Jani-King of Southern Ontario

April 01, 2024


Employee efforts play a vital role in creating a cleaner office environment.

As a proud business owner, you strive to provide a healthy office that supports staff satisfaction and impresses your valued customers to keep them coming back for more. For businesses in Ontario that have to manage the messy, ever-changing seasons, adapting your cleaning strategies to address these challenges is essential. 

Read on for practical tips to help your office managers coordinate the cleaning services that keep your workplace healthy, happy and productive.

Ensure a customized cleaning schedule

Understanding the specific office cleaning needs of your business is crucial, as different areas will need varied levels of attention. High-traffic areas like washrooms and kitchens will need more intensive, regular cleaning than a rarely-used boardroom, for example. Determine a business cleaning schedule that covers it all, taking into consideration your office hours and busier times. The key is to maintain a thorough and consistent approach to keep your environment in tip-top shape. Having a commercial cleaner in place, like Jani-King will help in adhering to this schedule, especially as we offer flexible schedules and offer overnight cleaning services in Toronto, Barrie, Windsor and the Greater Toronto Area. 

Invest in professional cleaning services

Employee cleaning efforts are valuable but hiring a professional cleaning service shows that you truly care about your workplace hygiene. Companies like Jani-King of Southern Ontario specialize in commercial cleaning and are equipped with the fully-trained, expert staff and modern equipment needed to maintain high industry standards of cleanliness. Offering floor and carpet cleaning packages as well as full janitorial and specialized disinfection services, a passionate professional cleaning team like Jani-King allows your employees to get on with what they do best: building your business.

Create a culture of clean

It takes teamwork. Promote the importance of regular hand-washing among your employees and install hand sanitizer stations. Encourage regular use of disinfectant wipes on high-touch surfaces like door handles, light switches, phones and computer keyboards. Now more than ever, we also need to normalize staying home when sick. Employees are a critical piece of your office cleaning puzzle so it is vital to educate them on the importance of personal hygiene to reduce the spread of germs and illness.

Roll with the seasons

Ontario faces some dramatic changes in seasonal weather and that means adjusting your cleaning strategies to cope with messes.  Whether it’s summer dust and dirt or winter snow, slush or salt, your floors can become slippery, dangerous and damaged if not cleaned regularly with the correct products. Consider a more vigorous floor cleaning schedule during the winter and leverage enhanced air filtration systems during the spring allergy season to help boost a healthy work environment.

Embrace green cleaning 

It’s no longer just a catchphrase: adopting eco-friendly cleaning practices is good for the environment and promotes a safer workplace by reducing exposure to harsh chemicals. Jani-King’s approved, eco-friendly products use minimal toxins and its energy-efficient cleaning equipment requires less water and power. This approach promotes your company’s reputation as a responsible employer fiercely reducing its environmental footprint.

A clean and healthy workplace is clearly a collective responsibility. A professional cleaning team combined with solid staff communications on the importance of cleanliness will foster a sense of ownership and pride and contribute to a healthy workspace. Align yourself with the best. Serving southern Ontario from Windsor through London, Niagara Falls, Toronto and Barrie, Jani-King has been refining its professional cleaning services since 1969. You can count on the world’s largest commercial cleaning franchise to produce superior results with every visit. Reach out to Jani-King for your free commercial cleaning quote today!

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