Commercial Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning Services Increase Productivity

Commercial office cleaning does affect the bottom line. The equation is simple. A clean and inviting office ensures that your employees are healthy and happy and your customers are impressed and satisfied. Happy employees and satisfied customers automatically drive productivity!

Since 1969, Jani-King has refined and perfected its office cleaning service and the art of keeping commercial offices in Southern Ontario clean, thereby contributing to the business goals of our customers. Our obsession with results means that everything we do will add value to your business, from a comprehensive cleaning routine designed to make sure that your office is set to impress at every turn—to going above and beyond by offering after-hours cleaning programs for your convenience.

Professional Office Cleaning—No Cutting Corners

Our office cleaning services include essential everyday floor care, trash disposal, frequent touch-point disinfection and sanitization, restroom and break room cleaning, window cleaning, high-dusting and more to support your everyday business. We understand that your office cleaning needs are unique, and we are well-equipped to customize our services with specialized solutions.

We take pride in offering intentional value to your business, by aligning ourselves as your partner in growth, no matter where your business is located. We stretch across boundaries and borders to provide you with professional commercial cleaning services.

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bathroom cleaning


  • Regular cleaning, maintenance, restocking essentials and disinfection.
  • Focused deep cleaning including stain removal and drain cleaning.
  • Use of high-quality, eco-friendly disinfectants and cleaning products.
kitchen cleaning


  • Kitchen sanitization and disinfection to remove germs and avoid rodents.
  • Garbage management including daily garbage removal and recycling.
  • Regularly cleaning the interior and exterior of kitchen equipment.
commercial office cleaning


  • Deep cleaning all office equipment including hardware and electronics.
  • Use of equipment-sensitive cleaning material such as microfibre clothes.
  • Specially trained in the removal of debris and dust from equipment.
reception cleaning


  • Detailed surface cleaning including furniture, upholstery and all surfaces.
  • Regular floor cleaning to free the reception area of stains, dirt and debris.
  • Glass and window cleaning to avoid visible contamination such as spots.
workspace cleaning


  • Regular disinfection of high-contact touch points in the workspace.
  • Carpet and upholstery deep cleaning to improve employee wellbeing.
  • Daily cleaning and organizing to create a productive work environment.
commercial cleaning


  • Daily sanitization of frequent touch points such as doorknobs and railings.
  • Regular cleaning and vacuuming of floors and carpets in high traffic areas.
  • Use of eco-logo certified cleaning products for the safety of your people.

Happy Customers — Commercial Offices

You want your building to showcase the value your business can offer. We can make it happen with a commercial cleaning program tailored to meet your specific needs. Jani-King of Southern Ontario prides itself on delivering value, with a dependable and structured cleaning service that goes above and beyond to meet your requirements. With Jani-King as your commercial cleaning partner, get used to consistent results, high-quality service and added value every step along the way.


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