Government Buildings

Creating a Reliable Space for Essential Services

Government institutions offer our community a host of irreplaceable services—and the delivery of these services require a distinctive environment. Jani-King understands the importance of a clean, dependable space for government buildings, which is why we have established a specialized government facility cleaning program. This includes carpet cleaning, hard floor cleaning, window washing, office cleaning, restroom cleaning, common area cleaning, trash collection and recycling, as well as custom services to meet the unique needs of your facility. 

The process of cleaning a government building comes with stringent quality standards, which we are experts in meeting. Our team consists of the best cleaning professionals who have undergone extensive background checks and an intensive training program in adhering to the highest standards in government facility cleaning. Jani-King complements its service with a comprehensive insurance and risk management policy, offering your institution the security and trust it deserves.

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floor cleaning


  • Specialized floor cleaning programs to suit different floor types.
  • Scheduled and on-demand floor cleaning programs as required.
  • Stain removal, Scrubbing, Floor stripping, resealing and waxing.
commercial office cleaning


  • Deep cleaning all office equipment including hardware and electronics.
  • Use of equipment-sensitive cleaning material such as microfibre clothes.
  • Specially trained in the removal of debris and dust from equipment.
workspace cleaning


  • Regular disinfection of high-contact touch points in the workspace.
  • Carpet and upholstery deep cleaning to improve employee wellbeing.
  • Daily cleaning and organizing to create a productive work environment.
reception cleaning


  • Detailed surface cleaning including furniture, upholstery and all surfaces.
  • Regular floor cleaning to free the reception area of stains, dirt and debris.
  • Glass and window cleaning to avoid visible contamination such as spots.
commercial cleaning


  • Daily sanitization of frequent touch points such as doorknobs and railings.
  • Regular cleaning and vacuuming of floors and carpets in high traffic areas.
  • Use of eco-logo certified cleaning products for the safety of your people.
high touch cleaning


  • A comprehensive cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting process.
  • A strategic roster of high-touch disinfection throughout the day.
  • A cleaning system that meets CDC high-touch recommendations.

Happy Customers — Government Buildings

As a community serving entity, government facilities are expected to meet the highest standards of cleanliness. Jani-King of Southern Ontario’s comprehensive cleaning program appreciates this, and is designed to meet the exact cleaning needs of a government building. Our service is customized to meet your unique needs, and our handpicked team of experienced cleaners deliver the promise of trust and security. With Jani-King, your government facility can experience the value of a service you can rely on.





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Jani-King of Southern Ontario
Jani-King of Southern Ontario
Jani-King of Southern Ontario

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