The costs of complacency: Evaluating your commercial cleaner will save you more than money

Ensure your commercial cleaner checks all the boxes when it comes to your business hygiene needs.

Jani-King of Southern Ontario

April 10, 2024


Ensure your commercial cleaner checks all the boxes when it comes to your business hygiene needs.

Your clean and tidy workplace boldly reflects your team’s professionalism as well as your pride and joy. A gleaming work environment showcases your commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and genuine concern for the well-being of both your employees and customers. This means that consistently assessing the performance of your commercial cleaner is essential to guarantee optimal workplace cleanliness. It’s time to consider how persisting with subpar cleaning services leads to these negative and often-overlooked impacts.

Employee Health and Well-being

Shoddy professional cleaning efforts in high-touch areas allow for an unsanitary work environment, increasing the risk of illness among employees and even visiting clients. Nasty germs and bacteria will thrive on light switches, your computer mouse, telephones, and toilet handles for days - even weeks! - so consistent, expert disinfection services in these areas are critical. Dust, mould, and other allergens left to linger can exacerbate respiratory issues and allergies, leading to extra sick days and employee absences. If your office is located in a busy neighbourhood, you need to be even more cautious because of the high volumes of foot traffic. We provide professional cleaning services for fast-paced cities across the Greater Toronto Area, from janitorial services in Mississauga to commercial cleaning services in Richmond Hill; trust us to keep your space sanitized and healthy.

Other Productivity Loss

It is distracting and demotivating when your employees arrive in a dirty work environment that desperately needs cleaning and disinfection services. Cluttered and grimy spaces hinder productivity as your staff spends time navigating around messes, half-heartedly cleaning up, or simply feeling uncomfortable at work. A workplace with negative morale and spirit leads to staff turnover and, thus, more new employee training expenses for you. Our commercial cleaning services can help turn this around whether you require carpet cleaning in Windsor or office cleaning services in Niagara Falls.

Safety Concerns

Picture our nasty Southern Ontario winter months when your business floors get dirty and slushy thanks to ice, snow, and salt that gets tracked in. Neglected commercial cleaning duties can lead to safety hazards such as slippery floors and accumulating hazardous substances. Accidents and injuries expose your company to potential liability issues if an employee - or client - slips and falls.

Damage to Equipment and Property

Premature wear-and-tear and costly repairs can occur if your commercial cleaning teams fall down on their maintenance of your equipment and facilities. Your already-mentioned commercial floors, for example, are a serious investment, and using incorrect floor cleaning products or the wrong cleaning equipment can result in expensive, long-term damage to them. You need professional cleaning experts who are experienced in working with different types of flooring like ceramic or vinyl tile, marble, cork, granite, and carpet. This is especially true for restaurant and hospitality facilities; from floor cleaning services in London to hotel cleaning services in Barrie, Jani-King provides reliable services with exceptionally satisfying results.

Negative Customer Impressions

A dirty or unkempt business environment will certainly guarantee that your customers will not return for more of what you have to offer. An absence of professional cleaning conveys a lack of professionalism, attention to detail, and care … and this means lost business opportunities and damage to your company's reputation.

It’s clear that regularly reviewing the services of your commercial cleaning company is critical to ensure high-quality results with every visit. Investing in reliable and effective cleaning services is essential for maintaining a safe, healthy, and flourishing work environment. Serving Southern Ontario from Windsor to London to Barrie, Jani-King is your trusted commercial cleaning provider of specialized janitorial and disinfection services and focused floor and carpet cleaning packages. Experience the best and reach out for your free cleaning quote today!

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